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Advocacy - We promise to publicly and interpersonally campaign for change within the acting industry with the aim to positively influence visibility in the arts and media of frequently misrepresented people. We promise to listen to our clients needs and as political, social and economic issues arise which may directly affect them at work, we dedicate ourselves to learning from our talent, allying with them and using our network where possible to advocate.


Consistency - Priding ourselves in adhering to our company principles throughout the organisation by careful vetting and review to ensure our client relationships, customer service, reputation and business operations align with an inclusive, accessible and safe structure.


Talent Development - By prioritising both the artistic and personal development of current and potential actors, we commit to creating a school of the highest calibre of underrepresented talent. Once working with us, the aim is to increase the opportunity of gaining professional work and we strongly believe that developing your craft is the foundation to this success. We provide access to lessons and workshops lead by working actors and industry experts to share knowledge and nurture vital skills and the access to form strong partnerships with industry bodies, specific to your individual needs.

Photography by @shotbyemylie

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